• Multi-platform tool

    HAGO Herramienta Autogenerada de Gestión Online


Self-generated Online Management Tool

It is common in small (and not so small) companies to start managing lists through spreadsheets. For example, to save in an Excel the workers, in another the clients, etc. When time passes and the volume of data to be handled grows, the same problems always arise.

Some of these problems are:

  • Searches slow down Within a list with many elements it becomes more complex to locate an element or a set of them
  • Different versions In order to share information, Excel is usually forwarded between colleagues, which may cause different versions of the same to be used between each other.
    You can not work simultaneously on the same Excel. When a worker wants to change an Excel has to warn others so they do not make changes, otherwise the changes could be lost
  • Unconnected information. If you keep several Excel and do not relate to each other, you may end up with inconsistencies in the information
  • There is no automation. You can not automate repetitive jobs, such as always registering certain tasks when creating a new project, for example
  • There is no interoperability. The information of the Excel is usually an “island” that has no relationship with the rest of the systems of the company: ERP, document manager, email, web page, etc.

All these problems can be solved by transferring this management to HAGO, our online tool for the management of small and medium enterprises. HAGO allows you to identify the key contents of the system (eg projects, workers, machines, products, appointments, customers, suppliers, etc.), the fields of each one (eg the name of the provider, your CIF, your contact address, the name of the worker, his profile, etc.) and, from that information, he generates a customized application to manage all this data. The tool is very easy to use and creates in a few minutes an online application that can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet with the user and password provided. It adapts to the corporate colors of the company and, with it, you get all the information is available to all employees at the same time and all the information is related to each other.

In addition, you can choose to download the application to install it on a company’s own server, along with a connection layer so that other applications can interact with it.

The tool generated is fully customizable and can be extended to adapt to all the needs of the company.