• Android native management and application tool

    Testygo es una Plataforma de Gestión de Asistencia de Grúas en Accidentes


Workers are no longer limited to a fixed work environment, but mobility is becoming something that limits less and less this environment. There are many people who must move and perform a data collection.

Testygo is a Platform for Assistance Management of Cranes in Accidents. It is made up of a web platform and a mobile application that interact, and makes it easier for assistance companies to keep track of the status of each service in real time.

The tool allows reporting:

  • State of the vehicle object of the assistance.
  • Number of passengers in each intervening vehicle.
  • Conditions of the injured: driver and occupants of the vehicle.
  • Damage suffered by the insured vehicle, as well as the opposite.
  • Position of the vehicles at the arrival of the crane.
  • Photographs of the place and vehicles involved.
  • Location of the accident.

Thanks to the user management with seven roles and their corresponding permissions, from the management panel each user can only access the information that their role allows.

After the creation of the assistance part in the system, it is assigned to a crane company, and the managers of that company will assign it to a crane operator to proceed with the assistance. Then, the crane operator will receive the pending assistance on his cell phone, will attend the assistance and fill in the data of the part through the mobile application and send them to the central system. This filled out part can be consulted and edited through the web application by the managers of the crane company and those responsible for the platform. They can also be consulted by the expert and insurer assigned to the party. In this way, all the actors involved in the management of the damaged vehicle will be able to access the information in real time through the platform.